Lodge Events

March 13th-14th: I.C.E. Training Weekend @ Camp Wakpominee

March 28th: Vigil Breakfast/Selection Meeting-(Vigil Members Only)

@ St. Michael's, South Glens Falls-10am-3pm

April 3rd-5th: Ktemaque/Taghkanic/Naxa Nimat Brotherhood Weekend @ Rotary

April 24th-26th: Wakpominee Brotherhood Weekend @ Wakpominee

May 29th-31st: Ktemaque/Naxa Nimat/Taghkanic Induction Weekend @ Rotary

May 29th-31st: Loon Induction Weekend @ Bedford

June 5th-7th: Wakpominee Induction Weekend @ Wakpominee

June 12th-13th: Spring Fellowship, BBQ, and LECM @ Wakpominee

July 25-26th: Vigil Ceremony @ Wakpominee

August 14th-16th: Section NE-3B Conclave at Camp Henderson

September 11th-13th: Lodge Induction Weekend @ Rotary

October 16th-18th: Fall Fellowship/Banquet @ Camp Wakpominee

December 12th: Lodge Holiday Party/LECM @ Crandall Public Library, Glens Falls-10am-2pm

See Twin Rivers Council Calendar at https://www.trcscouting.org/calendar/ For More Information and Registration!