Chapter Information

Kittan Lodge currently has five chapters, each serving the districts they’re in. The chapters provide a closer connection to our members, more program and leadership opportunities for youth members, more service to local units and communities. 

The purpose of a chapter within the Order of the Arrow is to allow Arrowmen from each council district to come together for training, service, and fellowship.  Chapters are an excellent way for Arrowmen to come together and share their knowledge and leadership with other members.  

Like patrols within a Troop the Chapter can and often plan its own activities around the needs of the Chapter.  They also carry out vital duties on behalf of the Lodge.  Such activities include local unit elections, service project support, communications between the Lodge and Units (and vice versa).  

The chapter is run very much like the Lodge.  There is a Chapter Chief, Vice Chief, Secretary and Chapter Advisor who help to direct and lead the Chapter meetings and events.  They also sit on the Lodge Executive Committee and act as a voice for all the Arrowmen in the Chapter. This is the best place for Arrowmen to start getting involved with the Lodge.  Most chapters meet on the same night and location as the District Round Tables.  

Below is a list of the current Chapter information.  Come and meet new friends and expand your scouting experiences a the chapter meetings!

Ktemaque Chapter (Fort Orange District)

Loon Chapter (Adirondack District)

Naxa Nimat Chapter (Mohawk District)

Taghkanic Chapter (Yankee Doodle District)

Wakpominee Chapter (Turning Point District)