Induction Weekends

For those new to the Order of the Arrow please click on the button in the menu titled the Ordeal to learn more about the induction process. 

We are very excited to welcome you into the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America.   Through cheerful service and a dedication to our fellowman we strive to live out the Scout Oath and Law to the fullest.  WELCOME!


2024 Induction Weekends:

Things to Know:

New Ordeal Candidate? Read our FAQ!

Ordeal Candidate Info

Congratulations on your election to the Order of the Arrow! So what now? The information on this page will hopefully answer your questions. So read on!

So what is next?

You have one thing to do to become a full member in the Order of the Arrow: go through the Ordeal weekend. The Lodge offers multiple weekends for you to choose from during the year at Camp Bedford, Camp Wakpominee and the Rotary Scout Reservation. You only have to go to one, and only once per your OA career. If you can not make one in the spring we will have two more opportunities in the fall, and those dates will be published at a latter date. Please refer to our calendar for more information on each. Also, do not forget to register!

How do I register for the weekend?

To register for an Ordeal Weekend, please register online via the council calendar. Each induction weekend has its own link, so be sure to register for the right one. You will need to make sure you select the correct weekend. The cost for the weekend is $30, which includes your food, sash, lodge flap, handbook, and pocket device. You can pay the fee online when you register, select Pay at the door with your online registration (we accept cash or check), or go to the Council Service Center in Albany and pay in person (cash, check, credit/debit card).

What is the schedule for the weekend?

You need to arrive on Friday evening between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm and go to registration, which will usually be at the Dining Hall. Earlier is better than later. EAT DINNER BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. All meals on Saturday and Sunday breakfast will be provided. Please schedule your departure for after the camp is clean on Sunday morning no later than 10:00am. 

What do I need to bring?

You will need to arrive on Friday evening in regular clothes, but PLEASE bring your Class-A Scout uniform, your Medical Form, and have your pack/bags packed. You will need to bring work clothes and work gloves, poncho/rain gear, toiletries/wash kit, water bottles, sleeping bag, ground cloth, and tent (you may not need to use the tent depending on camp facilities, but we advise everyone to have one available, just in case). Please pack responsibly and be prepared for the weather and other conditions. Any other items needed for a weekend camping trip (medications, etc.) should also be brought.

Scroll down to see the packing list!

What if I have special medical or dietary needs?

Please make note of your needs on your online registration when you register! You need to bring these up Friday evening as you register so that they can be properly addressed.

What do I do when I arrive Friday evening?

You will go through registration (with your Medical Form), and then split your gear into a "Friday Night Bag" and non-Friday night gear (All Scouts will be instructed at camp with what they need in their "Friday Night Bag"). You will stow your non-Friday Night gear in the designated location, and then wait with your "Friday Night Bag" until the activities begin (which should be around 7:30 pm). Make sure that you can easily carry your "Friday Night Bag" around Camp!

What if I (or my parents) have questions?

If you have questions, please send an e-mail to the Kittan Lodge Advisers at or contact your Scoutmaster.

Congratulations again, and see you up at Camp for your Ordeal weekend!

Ethan Christian Memorial Scholarship Application

Ethan Christian was an Arrowman of Kittan Lodge who loved Scouting and cherished the outdoors. Through his family’s generosity a scholarship fund has been established to honor Ethan’s memory and extend his legacy.

The fund allows us to help Candidates attend OA Induction events in Kittan Lodge and become members of the OA who otherwise couldn’t afford to do so.  We will continue this program for as long as our funds allow. Funds can only be used towards an Induction event and have no cash value to recipient.

Click here to download the scholarship application: Ethan Christian Memorial Scholarship Form

Packing List:


Friday Night:  

NOTE: For Friday night you will be hiking to a designated sleeping area with your gear so we suggest that you follow the diagram above to create an easily carried “Horseshoe Roll”. You should pack the rest of your gear for the weekend separate from your Friday night items as you will leave these items behind in camp for Friday night’s activities. 

Saturday:  

NOTE: You will be able to change into work clothes and drop your Friday night gear off after breakfast on Saturday morning. For Saturday night you can sleep in your own tent or use one of the camp's available lodges, tents or lean-to’s.