About Kittan Lodge

Meaning of Kittan


A. The name of this lodge is Kittan, which means "Great River", from the 3 major rivers in the lodge; the Hudson, Mohawk, and St. Lawrence Rivers.

B. The lodge is affiliated with the Twin Rivers Council 364, Boy Scouts of America, and is under the supervision of the Council Executive Board and the administrative authority of the Scout Executive.

C. The totem of this lodge is a porcupine.

Brief History of the Lodge

Kittan Lodge is made up of 7 original lodges. These lodges were Sisilija 19, Wakpominee 48, Mahikan 181, Mohawk 267, Ta-Oun-Ya-Wat-Ha 268, Loon 364, and Nick Stoner/Thayendenaga 418. Mahikan Lodge and Mohawk Lodge was the first merger to form Nischa Nimat Lodge 181. This would spark a continuous chain of events that would eventually form Kittan Lodge. Thus, Ta-Oun-Ya-Wat-Ha and Thayendenaga Lodge merged with Nischa-Nimat to form Ganeiankah Lodge 181. Ganeiankah Lodge merged with Sisilija Lodge 19, the following year, to become Ganeiankah 19. Wakpominee Lodge merged with Ganeiankah 19 to form Hadenousaunee Lodge 19. The last and final merger was with Loon Lodge 364 to form Kittan Lodge 364.